Don't put the tiger back into the cage. About silent protest of Japanese women.

Recently I have read the article about birth rate in Japan with Toshihiro Nikai's quotes like "not having children is selfish". The link is here:

My first impression was "nostalgic", it remainded me Soviet Union's slogan :"First think about Motherland, and after that about yourself."In other words, women  have to give birth to the babies simply because Japanese population is aging. But I was surprised that criticism was about chortage of childcare facilities only.The problem is deeper and let me explain why.

  First, let's calculate the cost of medical expenses during the pregnancy and after giving the birth. Medical insurance is not covering all of it and government's  subsidy 300 000 yen is also not enough to cover all expenses. Very important factor in Japan is the age of a mother giving birth for the first time. They are women in late 30s, sometimes in their 40s  which means more and more couples are dealing with in vitro fertilization procedures, paying 100% of all cost.

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To be or not to be? That is the question for a women.

I have many women friends from diferent countries. We discuss diferent topics. Abortions, breastfeeding, career, relationships... And you know , it is not about the problem, it's about opinions regarding the problem, imposing on us.

 Religious groups fighting with feminists for abortion prohibition. Breastfeeding adepts fighting with formula makers. Political and social movements argue about women's role in the society: career? more kids? less kids? no kids? housewife?

 As a result, we protest. We, ordinary women, are involved in this endless battles.We choose to escape from relationships in order to build career. We compete with men. We torture ourself breastfeeding kids "because it's good for child" even having mastitis, or torture ourself by guilt after abortion "because God will punish".

 Interesting, but every group (religious, social, etc.) is talking about women's right to have a choice. To be a mom, business owner, control birth, take care of her body. In reality women are pushed to be on one or another side of a barricade. Fighting for her choice, making wrong choices, suffering consequences.

 I think, that real emansipation for women is freedom from all these battles.Freedom from fighting, arguing, defence, guilt, protest. Freedom to accept yourself as a mom, or CEO, or child free, or wife. Freedom to make your own choices and respect others who can make different ones.It sounds very simple, but in reality situation is complicated. 

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